Branding, Logo Design

A new brand identity often means a completely new logo for a startup or an evolution of an existing logo for a company that has reached a new level and needs to reflect its evolution in its brand.

Our brand identity process starts by learning about your organization, finding out what’s important to you and your audiences, digging into how you differentiate yourself from the competition and discussing your overall marketing goals. After we gather this information, we work with you to define a logo and visual look-and-feel that best reflects who you are and where you’re going as a company. We begin by presenting several mood board options that represent different visual directions that will drive the brand—including typography, color styles and other visual elements. Once an overall brand direction is chosen, we will present several logo concepts for collaborative feedback that will ultimately be refined to a singular, iconic brand logo. Common branding services include naming and tagline development, logo design, wordmark design, overall messaging and brand strategy, visual identity and creation of brand guideline reference materials.